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I'm all out of excuses.
The more I learn about genetics, the more I entertain the idea there could be a "grand designer" that would lead things. That is: the more I learn about genetics, the less I believe all of this could be left to chance...

not something I expected out of learning more about science.
First day of grad school.
I'll try posting on this a bit more.
Be in wmass just for friday night. Hopefully we'll make last call. Hopefully dudes will be around. Hopefully I'll get up in time to hit Bickfords and get a Big Apple.
Havent posted in a while. Not that many mind. Havent done much. I mean I have, but not much out of the ordinary. Last week Killswitch was in baltimore with some bigger and crappier bands. But it was cool to see them on a big stage. They never cease to amaze me how energetic they can be everytime I see them. Brought two of my friends from way back in the PacSun days. Like usual they assume me "knowing" dudes mean that I met them at some meet and greet thing and not that we'd be able to hang with them. I do miss me some Joel. Good to see that dude. Unfortunately he dropped some major drama on me that kind of bummed me out. While I'm not surprised, I'm definitely disappointed (not in dudes involved, just in the situation).

My parents were in town last weekend. It was really good to see them. Since i worked on Easter i took friday off and had a long weekend with them. Friday went into the city and played over in Georgetown and dupont. Saturday I took them to Fells Point as they had never been to Baltimore. It was "Privateer Weekend" so it was literally a bunch of people dressed up like pirates completely raging. It was awesome, loud, and good-timey. Various pirate bands playing sea songs, seafood everywhere, old-timey ships at the piers, and all the bars were packed and rocking at noon. Sunday I took them to the farmers market and ben's chili bowl. They loved both. I think if my dad wasn't already married he would have married the chili half-smoke he had. I've never seen a man lick his fingers so much. There was definitely an aura of awkwardness for me as I did feel like a third wheel. Incredibly disappointing it has to be that way now.

At night I was supposed to meet up with a study buddy for my exam at the American university library but I was just too exausted by that time and had to bail. but i think i did well on the exam anyway.

I guess one of my friends from Bestfield now works for the public liason office of the White House. you know, the same one herold...or kumar(which ever one is on house?) works for. Anyway, its always good to have more transplants here and someone to grab a drink with. I'm sure we won't hangh out much as he definitely will be rolling with the important people and i'll be hanging with the rest of the mouth-breathers. He already was at some douchefest of most influential Washingtonians under 40.

oh well, some other things going on but as you know nothing of worth goes into public posts anymore. Maybe i'll make real post later on.
I'm not sure if i'm incredibly selfish or I'm just not good with dates but I can't ever remember anyones birthday ever. I am pretty sure today is my mom's birthday but i definitely am second guessing myself. The only birthday i remember is my sister, mike mead, sage, and my friend erin: but its only because they're all on the same day. other than that i have a really hard time remembering exact dates. usually i'm like "hrm....i think my dad's birthday is soon...".
It kind of makes me feel like a jerk but i have a hard time caring about a day that i barely remember when it pertains to me. but i guess that is exactly what makes me a jerk (not caring about things other people care about)?

Ran into my friend steve this weekend. he's on that ghost hunter show on discovery or sci-fi or something. i dunno. i don't think i've ever watched it(but apparently lots of other people watch it because dudes kept buying him...and for some reason me....drinks). but we had drinks and shots and it was a good time. Always good to see wmass kids outside of wmass.

I'm going to try to make next weekend a stay in and do nothing weekend. I need some relax time.
I wonder how many people who were screaming to the government about how madoff ripped them off and there should be more oversight by the SEC are the same people who are the advocates of limited government.
You wanted limited handholding by the SEC when those profits were soaring last decade but now when you get burned you're complaining about lack of oversight?

On your way
take the garbage out and fuck the way
the stupid landlord stares.
He’s got a date with disaster
looking at you that way.
I’ll take a hammer to his head someday
for making you feel so scattered
and ashamed
like anything more has happened,
cause nothing more has happened.
You’re afraid
and you’re feeling scattered
but unashamed
‘cause so much more has happened.
And I’m afraid
and I’m feeling scattered
but unashamed
‘cause so much more has happened,
so much more has happened,
so much more has happened.

Mar. 2nd, 2009

Tonight is the first time i'll sleep in my own bed since last june.

Feb. 10th, 2009

i have no idea how my default changed to this but it creeps me out since i would assume one would need to have access to something personal of mine.

that being said i like the pic, it is befitting, and i simply wish i knew if the rest of my life is getting hacked into.

Overheard in D.C.: Inauguration Edition

(from DCist.com)

The however many million people visiting D.C. this week did not disappoint, filling a whole episode's worth of overheards.

They came from far and wide, and their statements were sometimes funny or poignant, and other times made us think of what esteemed journalist Kent Brockman once said: "I've said it before and I'll say it again, democracy simply doesn't work."

Overheard of the Week:

At Sticky Fingers bakery in Columbia Heights on Monday:
Employee to a customer who had just ordered a cake: "Quick question - do you want 'Obamalicious' hyphenated?"

Something you didn't hear much in the last 8 years, volume 1.
On F Street NW near 14th:
Some young men looking at an Ebony magazine with Obama wearing shades on the cover:

Guy 1: "Damn, he look cool as shit!"
Guy 2: "Fuck yeah!"


Next stop: sensitivity training
At Sunday's We Are One concert:
Young girl: "I can't see anything."
Mom: "You'll just have to listen. That's what Stevie Wonder does."


What's it called?
A group of tourist kids, maybe 10-12 years old, are on the Red line:
Kid, to nobody in particular: "Are we taking monorail back to our hotel?"


Or is it the next ironic vintage fashion?
Near the Capitol around 6:15 a.m. on Inauguration Day:
Street vendor: "Bush buttons! Going out of style real soon!"


And also, I'm in the United States.
At the We Are One concert:
A group of girls are trying to find their friends: "I'm right behind the guy in the Obama hat."


Parents are smart
At the We Are One concert:
Middle-aged black man on cell phone: "Well, Dad always said it would be a cold day in Hell before a black man would be president. It sure is cold and paying $8 for that hot dog sure made this place feel like hell."


Yes, they have a great Piercing Pagoda.
At the airport:
Older woman 1: "So, the National Mall, is that indoors?"
Older woman 2: "Yeah. There's like a see-ment pool, reflecting..."


Yeah, tolerance, hope, whatever.
Before the We Are One concert in Farragut Square:
A 30ish man is walking past tourists wrapped in Obama capes, towels, T-shirts and hats.

"These souvenirs are as tacky as ones for Mexican Catholicism."


Answer: "You Are Dumb"
At Inauguration on the Mall:
One young guy to another: "So what does Yo Yo Ma stand for?"


I'm looking forward to the sequel, Kinkos: The Movie, starring Vin Diesel.
At the We Are One concert when Tom Hanks was speaking:
Specator 1: "Who's That?"
Spectator 2: "Tom Hanks."
Specator 1: "What does he do?"
Spectator 2: "He's an actor. FedEx."


Something you didn't hear much in the last 8 years, volume 2.
At the Obama staff ball, while Obama is speaking:
Drunk, stumbling girl: "I never wanted someone so hard."